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Our Winery

Our Wines Niagara Fall where is located at Ontario. Canada has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. At the shoreline of ancient Lake, the cliffs and waterfalls were formed by glaciers in the last Ice Age, 450 million years ago; leaving the soils rich in loam, clay-loam, sand, gravel and minerals.

The natural atmosphere has applied the unexpected environment for the grapes growing, which has become the significant factor for the grapes using the wine. The Ice Wine is honored the Canadian National Wine as being specialized brewed from the grapes grown in the Niagara Island. The Ice Wine from St. Henry has also being listed as one of the luxury wines.

Welcome to the world of St. Henry Estate Wines, a tradition of award-winning viticulture and winemaking that blends experience, modern innovation and a palpable passion, one that is reflected in every product that we make. It is this passion that defines us.

Since1885, when we first opened our doors we were recipients one of the first winery in the region . This rekindled a viticultural interest in what was once the largest grape growing area in the country and led to the establishment of the Niagara-On-The-Lake as a VQA designated viticultural area.


St. Henry, we bring an unrushed approach to winemaking. We have learned, over the last hundred years, to listen to the vineyards, believing that they will tell us what is best for the wine.

We believe in lowering our yields by thinning the crop, and letting our fruit hang longer to fully develop flavour, complexity and personality. We often hand pick and hand sort our grapes, so only the freshest, most intense fruit is used, from all over Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Our Wines

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a collection of four appellations, and each of them offers a distinct soil and climate combination. This diversity allows us to make ripe tropical Chardonnays from the Lakeshore, elegant Rieslings from the base of the escarpment and full bodied reds from our own vineyards - just down the road from the winery. Working closely with the vineyards and our growing partners throughout the entire year really brings us only the best fruit each harvest.

St. Henry Wines


We are Niagara's Icewine pioneer. We made the Icewine ever to come from Niagara-on-the-Lake. In every vintage since, we have produced award winning Icewine that has brought home medals from competitions around the world. Our Icewine family has grown to include Vidal, Riesling and the beautiful ruby-coloured Cabernet Franc.

We invite you to make the memorable journey to see our winery, meet our friendly staff and taste our wines. Or simply get to know us by browsing this website and witnessing the passion for yourself......


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